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Herbert’s Dream

An invitation to dream

A Cie des Quidams & Inko’Nito coproduction


Live version with Sueno en la Fabrica


They advance in the shadow, long white figures, on stilts, being draped by clothes, who seem to wait for any meeting. Appearing in the course of a tree, at the corner of a street, provided with the only language of silences and slow gestures ; they begin strange secret meetings, they approach, withdraw and finally invite us to follow them...

Step by step, the five characters are transformed into voluminous 4m height characters. Deformed and majestuous at the same time, clumsy and ethereal, as come from another planet, their heads light up.

Then the enormous silhouettes take us off around a luminous star.

To a strange and bewitching music, the five characters make a magic rite which make the star rising up in the sky...

As a wick at the moon...

As in a dream... -----

The show

The show takes place as following :

Walking-around : (30’) draped characters then metamorphosis into blowing up and luminous characters.

Final around the Moon : (30’) with music.

The show is adaptable to every place and event from 2 to 15 characters.

"Herbert’s Dream" is regularly adapted and shown during huge events, alone or with other companies...



"Herbert’s Dream" is a Compagnie des Quidams & Inko’ Nito coproduction.

- musical/without dialogue
- for all kind of audiences
- ambulatory and/or fixed, flexible and adaptable to every event
- length of basic version (5 characters + lighting ballon) : 30 minutes walking-around and 30 minutes finale
- possible adaptations : from 2 to 15 characters in walking-around or from 5 characters and 1 Moon to 15 characters and 3 Moons
- maximum audience : about 5000 spectators according to the version
- year of creation : 1997
- authors : Jean-Baptiste Duperray & Nikola Martin
- directors : Jean-Baptiste Duperray & Nikola Martin
- original musical creation : Sueno en la Fabrica
- number of persons on tour : from 2 to 18 according to the version, 6 for the basic version

- technical information :
4m High and 2m wingspread characters
16m diameter space needed for the finale
helium : 18m3
PA system adapted to the finale place

Photo : (c) Giovanni Galardini -----

"Herbert’s Dream" has been performed in more than 100 towns in France and several times in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and also in Austria, Bielorussia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, …

The show has been performed in several festival in France and Europe and also during huge cultural events (Biennale de la danse, Exposition Nationale de Suisse 2002, ...), soprts events (Mondial 98, Euro 2000, Euro 2004, Masters de Golf féminin, ...), company events (lancement de Word 200, portes ouvertes Sevel Nord, Marionnaud, Peugeot, Air France, ...) and european events (célébration de l’arrivée de 10 nouveaux pays dans la Communauté Européenne à Kilkenny (Irlande) et Strasbourg, célébration de l’anniversaire de l’Entente Cordiale, ...).

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Herbert’s Dream on tour

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