Colorful costumes, glasses and improbable wigs, these three characters from the 70's stroll and dance with a lot of energy!

A whole era revisited, between rock and disco, that young and old will discover or rediscover with pleasure!


Photo : Victor Cointin

Ambulatory show for all public, mainly diurnal.

"Les Pops" can also be performed in a wandering and fixed version at night, a version that can be extended into a giant open-air disco.

Possibilities of adaptation of the show: from 3 to 5 Disco stilt walkers accompanied by their pedestrian manager and his Discomobile

1 ou 2 sets de 20 à 45 minutes par jour

Public capacity: up to 500 people

Number of artists on tour: from 4 to 8 people depending on the version

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Creative team

Author Jean-Baptiste Duperray

Director Jean-Baptiste Duperray
with the artistic collaboration of France Chapon-Hueso

Costumes Géraldine Clément assisted by Brigitte Brenaud

Production Compagnie des Quidams

To facilitate our working time and to provide us with rooms, a big thank you to

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Photo : Victor Cointin

Photo : Victor Cointin



The Pops

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