Giant evanescent figures, dressed in long coats, the Totems wander through the crowd. They attract you, brush against you, caress you until they sometimes envelop you. Their movements are made of controlled imbalances and incessant swirls. They vibrate, dance and play on rhythmic and joyful music.

The light that inhabits them is the witness of their inner life, governed by a Passenger who animates them.

Walking part

Fixed part

At the end of the journey, the members of this imaginary tribe will experience their rite of passage to adulthood, which the audience will be invited to witness.

SHE, their initiatory guide, is there, SHE is waiting for them. It is time for the Passengers to separate themselves from their Totems that they have always carried. Dance, games, love, joy are at the heart of this liberation. At the end of this ritual of independence, the light and the breath of the Totems are extinguished to make way for new Passengers.


Final complet à 8 personnages
au Taiwan Lantern Festival 2023 in Taipei

Photo : JJPauget

Photo : Simon Garnier

Show for all audiences, mainly nocturnal, ambulatory and/or fixed, flexible and adaptable to any event.

The classic sequence of the show is as follows:
- Musical parade (35') :
- Fixed musical finale (20')
This sequence is completely adaptable to any event.

Possibilités d’adaptation du spectacle : de 2 à 8 personnages en version déambulation seule / de 4 à 8 personnages en version déambulation + final
personnages accompagnés par une ou plusieurs Unités Sonores pour la déambulation (véhicules diffusant la musique du spectacle)

Public capacity: up to 1500 people depending on the version.

Nombre d’artistes en tournée : de 3 à 11 personnes selon la version

The characters can measure up to 4.5m high and 2m span after inflation. They inflate with air and are self-lighting.

Download the show description

Download the show file FR / EN

Grey sky TOTEMS

Creative team

Authors Jean-Baptiste Duperray, Géraldine Clément & Vincent Borel

Director Jean-Baptiste Duperray & Vincent Borel

Draws & costume design Géraldine Clément

Handymade artist Frederic Grand

Musical creation Sueño en la Fábrica

Production Compagnie des Quidams

To facilitate our working time and to provide us with rooms, a big thank you to

logo Bresse Vallonslogo grand Bourg

Some dates...

December 2020 - Christmas festivities, Andorra la Vella (Andorra)
December 2019 - Christmas escapes, Quimper (29)
December 2019 -
Lurimrhônes, Valserhône (01)
November 2019 -
Launch of the Christmas festivities, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (50)
November 2019 -
Christmas Village, Le Barcarès (66)
October 2019 -
Halloween, Disneyland Paris (77)
August 2019 -
Setouchi Summer Night Festival, Takamatsu (Japan)
July 2019 -
Fête des Vignerons, Vevey (Switzerland)
June 2019 -
Hall of Moon, Shanghai (China)
May 2019 -
White Parade, Bourg-en-Bresse (01)
May 2019 -
O-Parade, Genk (Belgium)
April 2019 -
French Spring, Zaropoje, Dnipro and Kharkiv (Ukraine)
december 2018 -
Fête des Lumières, Neuville-sur-Saône (69)
November 2018 -
Les Arts détonnants, Tourcoing (59)
September 2018 -
La Coupe Icare, Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet (38)
August 2018 -
Fête du Ciel, Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle (61)
July 2018 -
Festival Les Grimaldines, Grimaud (13)
July 2018 -
Musilac, Aix-les-Bains (73)
July 2018 -
Festival Lézarts de la rue, Verrières (86)
January 2018 -
Mille reflets d'Europe, Brussels (Belgium)
december 2017 -
Christmas festivities, Avignon (84)
december 2017
- Winter Festival, Oyonnax (01)
November 2017
- Turn on the Lights, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
February 2017 -
Nice Carnival, Nice (06)
december 2016 -
Saint-Nicolas parade, Boulogne-sur-Mer (62)
august 2016 -
Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes, Le Grand-Bornand (74)

TOTEMS Le Grand Bornand 2

Photo : JJPauget

Photos : Simon Garnier


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