An old woman walks forward with a slow and heavy step, she seems to walk like that for thousands of years... On her shoulders a child sings, his eyes wide open to the world around him. open on the world which surrounds it. On the ground, a man is working quietly among his musical instruments and other everyday objects.

Along the path taken by the old woman, accompanied by the Mate, the child will discover the elements that present themselves to him, marvel, wonder, be frightened... Then little by little, he will feel the desire to take his turn. Will he dare to leave the old woman's comfortable shoulders and take his first steps in this world?

"Mère Veilleuse" invites us to contact feelings that are sometimes buried by our hectic lives: Cybele's reassuring slowness, Poti's confident wonder at the elements of life that present themselves to him, the mischievous benevolence of the Mat who will help him take his first steps...

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Photo : Victor Cointin

Show for all audiences, daytime, fixed, musical, lasting 40 minutes.

Public capacity: up to 300 people depending on the version.

Number of artists on tour : 3

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The themes addressed in this show

The journey of these two characters, the old woman and the child and their interactions, will highlight several themes:

The journey
This journey is as much physical as inner. Every journey is a school of patience. The journey is often a pause that allows us to question and rediscover the center and the meaning of our life. In India, the slow, uncertain, random and risky means of transport transform each journey into a pilgrimage.
In some cultures, a journey (by train, by bus, on foot) is not measured in kilometers but in hours, days, weeks, encounters and exchanges.

Here the slow and difficult step of the character Cybèle breaks with the continuous search of our world for more celerity, for more efficiency.
This slowness leaves the place, we imagine, to an interior and intimate movement, to the wanderings of the thought loaded with stories of this old woman, creating the mystery, opening on our own imaginary. Our reverie is then harmonized on this same tempo.

The transmission
This transmission is symbolized here by the light carried by the "mère veilleuse", Cybele.
The transmission is also physically embodied, the objective for the child is to start walking in turn.
But it is also a question of transmission of values, of memory (without memory time disappears) and of continuity, without freezing the acquired: the inheritance transmitted is each time, reworked, reinterpreted, metamorphosed to be integrated.

The relationship between the two characters also questions the form of transmission: here, the "mère veilleuse" is mute, the teaching does not take place orally.
The transmission is experienced through the path taken together, by two people, through the rhythm imposed by the old woman's steps, and through a different view of the world around them: both experience the world through views that feed each other, Cybele has her gaze fixed on the few meters beyond her feet, while Poti, perched on her shoulders, can see the path to be travelled more widely...

The desire to learn and grow in order to "take one's place" in turn
The inner journey of this child in this show is driven by the desire and the need to emancipate himself, to take his first steps in this world, to take his turn.
It will also be a question of questioning this sensitive moment of passage: these ambivalent feelings between exaltation and hesitation, between the desire of what one tends towards and the fear of the unknown; the fear of the setting in movement which necessarily passes by a state of imbalance. This fragility which is the basis of all experience and all growth...

Photos : Victor Cointin

Creative team

Author France Hueso-Chapon

Director France Hueso-Chapon

Artists Jules Neff & Jean-Loup Buy

Musical creation Jules Neff & Sueño en la Fábrica

Handymade artist Frederic Grand

Creation of the puppet Géraldine Clément & Tarek Messamer

Production Compagnie des Quidams

This show has received the support of the Department of Ain in the framework of the Aid to Artistic Creation.
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"Mère Veilleuse" is hosted in residence by La Vache Qui Rue (Moirans-en-Montagne - 39), La Ferme (Neulise - 42), La Grange aux Parapluies (Saint-Julien-sur-Reyssouze - 01) and the City of Ferney-Voltaire (01).

First dates

july 2021 - Les Nocturnes du Vendredi, Thonon-les-Bains (74)
June 2021 - La Fête à Voltaire, Ferney-Voltaire (01)
june 2021 - The improbable fair of the Grange aux Parapluies, Saint-Julien-sur-Reyssouze (01)
april 2022 -
Le Domaine de la Garde, Bourg-en-Bresse (01)

Photo : Victor Cointin


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