At the meeting point of the public, two immobile mineral forms await the spectators... these strange forms come to life little by little, imperceptibly, in silence... Inside each one of them, as in a chrysalis, we feel life emerging, a silhouette with pure lines appearing and then setting itself in motion. Giant characters, human, shadows or ghosts according to the imagination of each one, these figures slip between the spectators, play with them, like our thoughts which give them sense...

Then these two chimeras discover each other, go to meet each other and seem to move away to replay before our eyes the different facets of the couple: the game, the seduction, the meeting, the abandonment, the union...

They do not say words but they do not express themselves less, in gestures, in dances... their diaphanous appearances, luminous of the interior, intrigue, question and lead us in poetic and harmonious dreams the time of a moment...

Then their gestures become slower, a last embrace, a last breath and the two silhouettes become mineral again... the time-space of a poetic parenthesis, of a new waking dream...


Au Fil de Soi Le Grand Bornand
Photo : JJPauget

Show for all audiences, nocturnal, fixed, musical and without text, lasting 25 minutes.

Public capacity: up to 300 people.

Number of artists on tour: 3 people

The characters measure 4.5m high and 2m span after inflation. They inflate with air and are self-lighting.

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Au Fil de SoiPhoto : JJPauget

Creative team

Authors Jean-Baptiste Duperray & Géraldine Clément

Director Jean-Baptiste Duperray

Draws & costume design Géraldine Clément

Handymade artist Frederic Grand

Musical creation Sueño en la Fábrica

Creative team France Chapon-Hueso, Jules Neff, Silvère Simon & Aude Robin

Production Compagnie des Quidams

Show created with the support of

AIn logo

To facilitate our working time and to provide us with rooms, a big thank you to

logo Bresse Vallons

"Au Fil de Soi" was welcomed in residence by La Ferme (Neulise - 42).

Au Fil de Soi Le Grand BornandPhoto : JJPauget

Au Fil de Soi Le Grand BornandPhoto : JJPauget


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